Life Sucking Machines

by Dekonstructor

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"Life Sucking Machines" is a 3-song demo from Dekonstructor's upcoming debut album to be released in early 2017.


released January 24, 2017

Dekonstructor is:

William Alden: Vox, Lead Guitars
Daniel Kohkemper: Live Rhythm Guitars, Studio Bass Guitar
Gabriela Umaña: Bass Guitar
Diego Arce: Drums

Recorded, mixed, masterized and engineered by Daniel Kohkemper at Kohkemper Audio Lab, San José, Costa Rica
Vox recorded at Cavan Studio, Heredia, Costa Rica, by Isak Arrollo
Produced by Daniel Kohkemper & William Alden

Music by William Alden & Daniel Kohkemper
Lyrics by William Alden

Cover art by Gilbert Miranda, Lingua Mortis Artwork, 2017
Cover art concept by Daniel Kohkemper

Copyright 2017



all rights reserved


Dekonstructor San José, Costa Rica

Dekonstructor is a Thrash/Death Metal band from Costa Rica founded by Daniel Kohkemper and William Alden in 2014, from the extinct band Eternal,
and completed with drummer and Diego Arce and basist Gabriela Umaña from the 2014/2015 incarnation of the Death tribute band Leprosy.
The objective of the band is clear: go for it heavy, fast, groovy, tight and mean, yet intricate and elegant.
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Track Name: Torture Room
Torture Room

Waking up by the smell of boiling wax
Recovering consciousness, feeling slumber
Twisting your wrists, your arms can’t move though
No matter how much you struggle, a feeling of impotence arises

A masked man enjoys the show
He is waiting for you to wake up again

The old man takes off his mask
With an evil sight and laughter he ignites the fire
Torture continues

Breathless - Limbs on fire
Wondering why you’re lying there
Staring at you with a ruthless gaze
No way out

Waking up forced by the stench
Of the rotting corpse lying just under your bed
A wooden bed - Torture room
Scarred body laying, hands and feet retained
It seems you’re not the first to suffer the same

Breathless - Limbs on fire
Wondering - Why you’re lying there
Staring - At you with a ruthless gaze
No way out of this nightmare

Crowd smashing the door
That’s the sound of rebellion
It opens, now enters the light of deliverance

Free from a terrible torture
You don’t remember how you got there
No time to think
This is your chance to run

Running does not help
Every time you look back they're behind...
Getting closer…
Track Name: Life Sucking Machines
Life Sucking Machines

Walking down a strange city of fire
No heat is felt
A guided tour through the unknown
Can’t measure the latent danger

Persons walking steadily
They don’t get burned, mysteriously
When a change is perceived around
You’ll notice that they are aware

Strange companions
Strange is the scenario
Eyeless beings
With a horrid, cold grin

Thinking this is another nightmare
Yielded from the subconscious mind
Erroneously assumed a safe environment
When reality is getting averse

Strange companions
Strange is the scenario
Eyeless beings
With a horrid, cold grin
Just like

Life sucking machines
Misleading to the infinity
Energy absorbing deceit
From inorganic entities

Life as you know it, can be taken away
By those who hunger for your energy
They have been present during your dreams
In the form of many things
Inorganic intelligence is stalking you
They’re just

Life sucking machines
Misleading to the infinity
Energy absorbing deceit
Inorganic entities

Life sucking machines
Misleading to the infinity
Energy absorbing deceit
And alluring entities
Track Name: Troops From The Underground
Troops from the Underground

Smelling at the distance
The sweating fear of the oppressed
Feeding you day by day
Until you notice some strange calm

Feel the earth trembling
Soldiers coming out of the dust
Were brought back to life
With a clear objective set

This reign of oppression
This reign of absorption
Horrid sight, beings swarming
The troops from the underground

Gathered enough energy
To crush the barrier of realities,
To invade your land of madness
And bring death and slavery to your kind

Sabotage their plans
United with all of your kind
Support from the rebellious

Gives you the power to impose
While it is tainting you inside
Losing perception
And sanity